Dutch Creative Industry (DCI)

  • Kas Oosterhuis, Body Chair

  • Kas Oosterhuis, Body Chair

  • Ilona Lénárd, My Mondrian Night

Dutch Creative Industry (DCI) is a strategic and unique three years partnership of several Dutch creative industry companies with the Dutch government, commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Dutch embassies focusing upon the UAE and Lebanon.

Being a platform representing the Netherlands, the Dutch Creative Industry aims to show their unique and collaborative way of working. By joining hands with local partners, DCI believes to respond to new opportunities and challenges. While coming up with state-of-the art products and services, quality, reliability, stability and of course creativity, are at the core of the DCI’s activities.

The Dutch Creative Industry presents during Dubai Design Days 2017 three versions of the Body Chair designed by Kas Oosterhuis, and two MyMondrian Jacquard woven tapestries designed by Ilona Lénárd. In one of the versions of the Body Chair their work comes together whereas the upholstery of the Body Chair type BYYU 30.3 is based on Lénárd's Omniverse #2 Jacquard woven tapestry.

DCI is another proof, and builds upon the strong track record, of Dutch Design. Internationally well-known, Dutch Design is admired for its ground-breaking designs with a mixture of originality, innovation and lightness. Next to the connection between Dutch Design and Architecture DCI attaches also importance to Art and the cultural aspects so that DCI could be positioned on a larger scale, with focus on cross-links between the creative fields.