Dutch in Dubai: A Presentation of 13 Emerging and Established Designers

by Design Days Dubai

Dutch in Dubai: A Presentation of 13 Emerging and Established Designers

A Dutch Creative Industry (DCI) initiative that aims to give an exciting overview of Dutch design talent.

Dutch Creative Industry (DCI) is a strategic and unique three-year partnership of several Dutch creative industry companies with the Dutch government, commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Dutch embassies focusing upon the UAE and Lebanon.

For Design Days Dubai in March, DCI gives an exciting overview of Dutch talent, presenting the work of 13 Dutch designers and makers all using interesting shapes, materials, techniques and concepts.

Thier and van Dalen, Studio Roex, Niek van der Heijden, Atelier Rick Tegelaar, Stephan Siepermann, Kas OosterhuisJSPR and Maja Kozel will exhibit alongside the following designers:

Dci _story 3_dirkvanderkooijDirk Vander Kooij, The Not Only Hollow Chair, represented by Judy Straten Art-Design as part of DCI, credits photo Loek Blonk, commissioned by Gallery CHAMBER.

At Studio Dirk VanderKooij, processes are designed to make a better world. ‘Not-Only-Hollow-Chair’ is created with a completely new, high-tech process. An in-house developed robot melts plastic into a pipe-like shape and then carefully writes out the shape of this chair, similar to 3D printing. Each line is hollow to minimise resources, and the source is 100% recycled synthetics. 

Dci _story 4_studiorolffrStudio Rolf.fr, Cutted Cabinet, 2016. Courtesy of Judy Straten Art-Design.

The leading theme in the work by Studio Rolf.fr is the concept of symbiosis. This is translated in the combining, mixing or intersecting of objects, elements and parts by applying different materials and interacting them with each other visually and/or technically. For ‘Cutted Cabinet’, Studio Rolf.fr literally cut a cabinet into three parts.

DCI_STORY1_MIEKE MEIJERStudio Mieke Meijer, Frameworks, 2012. Courtesy of NE-AR.

Frameworks is a storage system based on lattice constructions. Its functional, elegant and industrial character is typical of the work of Studio Mieke Meijer.

DCI_STORY2_ILONA LENARDIlona Lénàrd, Flow carpet, 2015

Ilona Lénàrd’s Flow carpets are based on the designer’s Flow series of acrylic paintings on canvas, which she began in 1994. Exclusively for Design Days Dubai, Ilona will create a series of machine-tufted colourful Flow carpets.

Dci _story 5_mischaMischa van der Wekke, Ribbon Chair, 2016. Courtesy of Judy Straten Art-Design.

Shaped like a bow, the ‘Ribbon Chair’ sits between an aesthetically pleasing object of design and a functional piece of furniture. As part of Mischa van der Wekke’s ‘Icon’ series, ‘Ribbon Chair’ is created from the idea that form follows function.

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