Excellence In Craft

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Excellence In Craft

For its fifth consecutive participation, the Crafts Council will bring eleven UK-based contemporary makers and showcase the excellence in craft.

Selected by Sarah Mann from the British Council; Sharjah based Curator Dr Alexandra MacGilp of the Maraya Art Centre; and Annie Warburton, Creative Director, Crafts Council, this year’s group of exhibitors represents some of the most talented makers working in Britain today.

The Crafts Council's goal is to make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft.

Selected makers are: Stuart Akroyd, Anita Carnell, Juli Bolanos-Durman, Lubna Chowdhary, Regina Heinz, Harry Morgan, Nadia-Anne Ricketts representing BeatWoven, Pia Wustenberg, Shauna Richardson, Umut Yamac and Vezzini & Chen.


The selected makers will show a range of unique hand made objects created using a variety of experimental materials and surprising techniques.


  • Harry Morgan is an Edinburgh based artist working with glass and concrete to create powerful sculptural pieces. Harry’s process draws inspiration from long established methods of glassmaking, in particular the traditional Venetian technique ‘murrini’. Each of the glass threads used in his work is individually pulled by hand from a furnace. They are then arranged into a structure and cast within the concrete, which binds them together as one object. Harry enjoys the tension between the fragile, transparent glass and the uncompromising, dense concrete.

/DDD2017_Crafts Council _Harry _Morgan


  • Architectural designer Umut Yamac creates complex and sleek lights, clocks and kinetic sculptures from simple materials such as folded paper and brass. The common thread that unites each piece is the emphasis placed on the relationship with the user; and the desire to offer different levels of engagement, from purely functional to the playful and imaginary. For Design Days Dubai he will be showing his new Balancing Bird light.

 /DDD2017_Crafts Council _Umut Yamac


  • Showing for the second time at Design Days Dubai, Shauna Richardson will be presenting a piece of work called Bremen Musicians, a sculpture based on a Grimms Fairy Tale. This towering stack of life-size animals, over 3 meters tall, is created from crocheted German wool.

 /DDD2017_Crafts Council _Shauna _Richardson


  • London based maker Anita Carnell Studio will bring large-scale leather wall panels, each one meticulously hand-stitched with gilt thread. Her designs modernise the original concept of the ninth century Cordoba wall hangings by the use of gilded wire and felt in place of wood and paint.

 /DDD2017_Crafts Council _Anita Carnell _2


  • Juli Bolaños-Durman’s work combines found items with blown glass, and uses cutting and engraving techniques to create new unique objects. 'That's the challenge: to create something beautiful from things that people are about to discard'. She will be presenting pieces from The Made-Up Museum of Artefacts Series, which was inspired by precious heritage objects from historical civilizations and their cultural legacy. This subject has captivated Juli’s imagination and motivated her to appropriate the theme to construct made-up precious objects. Each object from the series depicts stories of distant worlds that are not only based on knowledge but more so on imagination.

/DDD2017_Crafts Council _Juli Bolanos -Durman


In the coming weeks, we will present more works and interview the designers and makers.


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