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Nermeen and Nisreen Abu Dail return to the fair with their 'Beauty of Embroidery' collection. This showcase, which is an extension of their Wihdeh Collection, is inspired by both contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics; incorporating traditional art, embroidery, architecture and heritage from the region whilst maintaining a minimalist and modern style.

With the Wihdeh Collection, they play with the language of embroidery itself; every group of stitches is referred to as a “unit,” and elaborating on this, they named their line Wihdeh, which means “unity” in Arabic, stemming from their strong belief in the spirit of togetherness. This sentiment carries over into their Beauty of Emboidery collection; the details in the Bunyan Table evoke the same sense of geometric cohesion, or togetherness, that is found in the Palestinian craft.

Aside from shedding the light on the beauty of unification, they created the Wihdeh Collection to also bring together the delights of their heritage, integrating embroidery (or, ‘tatreez’ in Arabic) into their personal ‘Naqsh’ touch - their own design mark. Using native materials, such as engraved solid stone surfaces with brass fillings, local Basalt stone, Bianco marble and walnut wood, the Abu Dail sisters create their unique pieces retaining the stories of their ancestral heritage for future generations.

Nisreen commented: “The beauty in the line and strong geometry found in embroidery added to my background as an architect and Nermeen's background as a graphic designer, where we can see lots of similarities and continuation in both fields. The biggest inspiration is to add our touch to our ancestors’ art and beauty to prove that we are the heirs of this heritage and preserve it in this modern era.”

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