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Marie Munier studied fine arts for five years before beginning her career as a painter. She soon realized that her passion lay in creating jewelry inspired by the splendours of early Mediterranean civilizations. Her signature style of incorporating antique items into statement jewelry has won her great acclaim over the past four decades and led to exhibitions both in her native country, Lebanon, and abroad.

Recently, a Marie discovered a new passion, exploring graphic motifs reminiscent of her jewels on a larger scale, and creating lighting sculptures to transform stylish spaces.

Q: You began your career four decades ago as a jewellery designer. How did you make the transition to the larger, sculptural lighting pieces you will be exhibiting at Design Days Dubai this year?

Marie Munier: When you are a successful designer, you can create anything. My jewellery designs are very exclusive and special in terms of stones and shapes, and they inspired me to move on to create light sculptures.

Q: All your pieces this year are made of yellow brass, some with steel bases. Do you tend to stick to one or two materials with each collection for a sense of continuity? Which material will you be using next? 

Marie: Brass has always inspired me as it’s easy to find in my country. I am working on some new ideas for mixing brass and stone in the future ...

Q: Two of your pieces - Eclipse I and Selene II - include LED lighting, and the rest are designed for candles. How do you see the two different lighting techniques work for different spaces and occasions? 

Marie: Nowadays LED and candles complement each other. Over the last 10 years both have improved in quality and colour, which have made the creative process easier and the result more beautiful. Light inspires life - candles can be used to decorate a dining table, and LED lighting for any decorative function.

Q: In recent years you have been working with your daughter Nathalie. How do you collaborate with someone so close to you?

Marie: I find it easy since my daughter has been supporting me in my jewellery career from the beginning, and has followed in my footsteps. She helped create the lighting sculptures with different inputs and points of view. We complement each other and work as a team.

DDD2017_Marie Munier _ Portrait (2)

Portrait of Marie Munier

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