KSA designer Ahmad Angawi to talk at London’s V&A Museum

by Design Days Dubai

KSA designer Ahmad Angawi to talk at London’s V&A Museum

If you happen to be in London this week, don’t miss Ahmad Angawi’s talk at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. On Friday 14, the Saudi Arabian designer will talk about all things art, architecture, design and heritage.

Angawi, whose work was presented at Design Days Dubai 2017 by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia), is inspired by the rich diversity and culture of Hejaz, a Western part of Saudi-Arabia, which he will address in his talk, and draw the connection to the effects on his work.

In the past, Angawi has travelled extensively across the Middle East, exploring traditional artisans and craftsmen, and studying their role in and contribution to today’s mass-market production processes. Not only does he believe industrial designers are the craftsmen of today, but he’s also a strong supporter of creative and artistic practices, having developed multiple programmes to revive traditional art and design.

Born in 1981, the multidisciplinary creative earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from New York’s Pratt Institute, and a Master's degree in Traditional Arts from the Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London. He is the Co-founder of Al-Hangar, an independent artist initiative that provides a platform for dialogue and cultural exchange through exhibitions, community-based projects and educational programme; and Associate Director of Al Makmad Foundation, a cultural institution that aims to conserve and revive the Hijazi heritage.

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