Sound Matters: Designing for Better Acoustics

  • A project by 21dB

  • The Silent Room

  • 40 KONG - A project by 21dB

  • A project by 21dB

  • A project by 21dB

One thinks of positive soundscapes when thinking of natural environments, such as the sound of running water by the riverbed, the rustling of leaves in a forest or birdsong on trees. These sounds associate naturally with their context. In the case of built spaces however, such a connection becomes much less evident. Acoustic responses are not naturally balanced with their context unless the auditory cues are in total harmony with the visual ones, this is best achieved when all 5 sensorial cues are balanced.  

An environment that is too reverberant or has acoustic damping leads to poor clarity in speech and music. This workshop is an investigation into the different materials and spatial parameters necessary for optimal acoustic performance of retail, office space, residential, hospitality and performance venues. Through an engaging discussion with the audience, various tools will be provided to enhance functional environmental acoustics.

Capacity 25                 Language English 

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